My 10 favorite Porsche PTS colors

James Evans
8 min readApr 25, 2020
Image Source: Rennlist

Like all car manufactures Porsche enables customers to pick from a range of no cost sold colors, some additional cost metallic colors and for an increased payment some premium colors. However, if you want something even more individual and exclusive you can try the Porsche Paint To Sample (PTS) program that includes over 600 colors to pick from.

PTS is not available on all Porsche models or in all countries, and even where it is available there is limited availability each year. The price at over USD $10k is higher, even compared to the available premium colors. However, the challenge and costs in obtaining a PTS car have not deterred many Porsche fans from pursuing this option to create a personalized vehicle.

For each of my 10 favorite PTS colors I have added the Porsche color codes in brackets. I have also linked to the corresponding page on Colors.RS which is a great site to see more photos of cars painted in each color and to explore the broad range of Porsche PTS paint colors.

Here are my 10 favorite Porsche PTS colors…

Nardo Grey (Y7C)

Image Source: Instagram



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