Formula 1 is Broken: Four Revolutionary Proposals to Fix It

James Evans
10 min readMay 7, 2019
Source: Road & Track

As a life long time fan growing up watching Senna, Prost, Mansell, Berger, Piquet et al it is disappoint to see the current state of Formula 1.

Of course it is easy to be nostalgic and look back with rose tinted glasses. However, there are many things broken with Formula 1 today including DRS, money distribution between teams, costs charged to circuits to stage a race, lack of free to view television coverage, ban on in season testing, fuel saving, grid penalties, engine limits, ban on refueling, tire saving, cost saving, virtual safety cars, lack of noise, engine downsizing, KERS, single tire supplier, team orders, Halo, track limits, the Hermann Tilke designed tracks…

Over the last decade the FIA have tinkered with the regulations almost every year in an attempt to try and make the racing more exciting. Unfortunately, it could be argued that they the changes that have been implemented have achieved exactly the opposite of the desired result.

Former Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone made several radical proposals including adding water sprinklers to each circuit and introducing short cuts to spice up the racing, but none of these were implemented.


In July 2019 Jeremy Clarkson also shared some thoughts on how to fix F1:

I don’t want to go as radical as the suggestions put forward by Bernie Ecclestone. However, I do want to put forward four revolutionary proposals to make Formula 1 more exciting to watch for the fans.

Proposal 1: Reduced Down Force with Standard Front and Rear Wings

As cars have evolved to generate a higher proportion of their overall grip from aerodynamic down force rather than mechanical contact of rubber on the road, it has become increasingly hard for cars to follow each other closely through high speed turns, which in turn…



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