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Amiga 500 – My Favorite Games & Memories

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My first home computer was the 48k ZX Spectrum, which was later upgraded to the 128k ZX Spectrum +2 with the built-in tape deck. However, it was the Commodore Amiga 500 that has a special place in my memories as a great home computer with some outstanding and original games.

Flight of Fantasy pack

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In late 1990 my parents purchased the Amiga 500 Flight of Fantasy pack from the Comet electronics store in the UK. The pack was priced at £399, so it was an expensive purchase, probably more so than I realized at the time. With inflation that prices translates to over £800 today in 2021. For context, the most expensive Sony PS5 with the physical disc drive retails at £449, if you can find one for retail of course.

The Flight of Fantasy bundle included Rainbow Islands, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters and F29 Retaliator games plus the Deluxe Paint 2 art application. In this story I would like to share my 10 favorite games for the Amiga 500 and a couple of additional personal Amiga related memories.

Rainbow Islands

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Being part of the Flight of Fantasy pack, Rainbow Islands was the first game that I played on the Amiga, and in my opinion it is one of the best games ever published for the system. Released in 1990 by Ocean Software, Rainbow Islands was based on the 1987 Taito arcade game, that was itself a sequel to the popular Bubble Bobble arcade game. The term arcade prefect conversion is overused, but I feel that this game was as good as any arcade conversion that I have ever played. The graphics and sound were outstanding, and the controls responsive and precise.

The game contains 7 themed islands (Insect Island, Combat Island, Monster Land, Toy Island, Doh’s Island, Robot Island and Dragon Island) that each have 3 stages and a boss to defeat. To complete each stage you need to get to the top of the screen before being caught by the raising water. At first glance it might look like an overly cute vertical platformer, but…



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