Measuring Business Value: Quantitative Vs Qualitative

This blog post was originally publishing in 2013 on the Microsoft 365 Blog.

At YamJam’12, our conference in San Francisco last October, there was much discussion around the best way to measure business value of an Enterprise Social Network. While there are many variables to consider, the best approach can be tricky to determine. Each company should look to a combination of financial and non-financial measures that link back to the company’s mission, vision, strategy and business priorities.

In order to begin digging into the value of your network, you must first examine the content and context of conversations and…

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I first discovered MJ DeMarco and The Millionaire Fastlane via his personal website earlier this year. On his website the author shared his life story including early motivation, business successes and failures, together with how he came to write and publish his first book. The focus of the The Millionaire Fastlane is building a business system to become wealthy at an early age so that you can enjoy it. As MJ highlights early in the book:

“Wheelchairs don’t fit in the trunks of Lamborghinis”

In his introduction the author describes how the established routes to achieving wealth at an early…

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At my employer, we take surveys a couple of times each year to understand how employees are feeling about the company, their manager and their role. These results are consolidated into a Workplace Happiness Index (WHI) and each manager is given a score. As my wife and I both work for the same company, we joked that we should have a Wife Happiness Index (WHI) so that I track how I am performing as a husband. …

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Following on from my Porsche and Ferrari paint color blog posts I thought that I would conclude the series with Lamborghini. Compared to the typical understatedness of Porsche and the elegance of Ferrari, Lamborghini is known for manufacturing cars in rather more flamboyant colors. I’ve included a video of cars in each color below to try and better showcase the amazing colors that Lamborghini's can be ordered in.

The best reference for the wide range of Lamborghini colors that I have found is LamboPAINT, which lists almost 200 colors which are currently available, or which have been available in the…

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Following on from my recent Porsche Paint To Sample (PTS) article I thought that I would also share some of my favorite Ferrari colors in a new blog post. Today around 45% of all new Ferrari’s are ordered in Red (it was around 85% in the 1990s). However, only one of the colors on my list is red, and even this one is quite different from the signature Rosso Corsa that is typically associated with Ferraris.

Azzurro California

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Like all car manufactures Porsche enables customers to pick from a range of no cost sold colors, some additional cost metallic colors and for an increased payment some premium colors. However, if you want something even more individual and exclusive you can try the Porsche Paint To Sample (PTS) program that includes over 600 colors to pick from.

PTS is not available on all Porsche models or in all countries, and even where it is available there is limited availability each year. The price at over USD $10k is higher, even compared to the available premium colors. …

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Irrespective of whether you voted to leave or remain in the 2016 referendum, the one thing that I think everyone can agree on is that the current Brexit situation is embarrassing for the whole country and that the process needs to come to a swift conclusion one way or another.

With Boris Johnson installed as the Prime Minister for a couple of weeks and with MPs on leave for their summer vacation I thought that it was an interesting time to take stock of the current Brexit situation and to hypothesize how events may play out over the coming weeks…

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As a life long time fan growing up watching Senna, Prost, Mansell, Berger, Piquet et al it is disappoint to see the current state of Formula 1.

Of course it is easy to be nostalgic and look back with rose tinted glasses. However, there are many things broken with Formula 1 today including DRS, money distribution between teams, costs charged to circuits to stage a race, lack of free to view television coverage, ban on in season testing, fuel saving, grid penalties, engine limits, ban on refueling, tire saving, cost saving, virtual safety cars, lack of noise, engine downsizing, KERS…

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I have always been a relatively prudent person, much more of a saver than a spender. However, it was not until the last year that I started thinking seriously about investing for my retirement.

In planning for my own retirement I undertook significant research and I would like to share what I learnt as it may assist others who are starting their retirement planning journey. I also wanted to explore several common retirement rules of thumb including the 25x rule, the 4% rule and the 100 minus your age rule. …

When the Toyota FT-1 concept was first shown at the North American International Auto Show in 2014 it set high expectations for the forth coming fifth generation Supra.

The TF-1 concept was low, wide, mean and aggressively styled, everything a high performance sports car should be, especially one that was destined to carry the legendary Supra name.

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